Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication

You’re creative yet analytical. You’re great with words. You forge connections. You know what’s trending. And you’re influential.

Take your skills and shape them into a high-energy career as a social media strategist, political aide, or marketing manager with a degree that’s as flexible and adaptable as you — a bachelor’s in Corporate Communication at Penn State Abington.

Polish your communication talents with sequential courses tuned to what the marketplace demands. Specialty classes in risk and crisis management, social media, and strategic speaking give you the edge in today’s hyper-paced climate. See recommended courses by semester.

Requirements include

  • Internal organizational communication
  • External communication (including public relations)
  • Writing for digital platforms
  • Digital design
  • Research and data management
  • An integrative capstone course
  • Internship

See full Corporate Communication degree description and Entrance to Major requirements.


Dr. Ross Brinkert
Program Chair

Roy Robson, Ph.D.
Division Head, Arts and Humanities
119 Sutherland