Elementary & Early Childhood Education

Elementary & Early Childhood Education

Penn State Abington offers a four-year major in Elementary and Early Childhood Education leading to PreK-4th grade PA state teaching certification.

During these Early Childhood years, the teacher and family lay the foundation for future learning. Quality early life experiences with opportunities for active exploration and guidance shape young children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. Teachers are the key to building bridges between a child’s two worlds: home and school.

As with all Penn State undergraduate teacher education programs, this program is designed to provide students with experiences necessary to become certified teachers based on all requirements as specified by The Pennsylvania Department of Education and following guidelines recommended by the National Association for Education of Young Children.

Mission Statement

Penn State Abington’s teacher education program views teaching and learning as a process of collaboration among teachers, students, parents, and communities. By weaving in authentic, real world experiences throughout the program, our students develop into critically reflective, collaborative, inquisitive, and community-minded educators.  Through rigorous coursework that incorporates practical application of theory within urban and suburban schools in and around Philadelphia, graduates are prepared to solve problems and effect change in the field of education.

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Because employers seek top quality teachers, graduates benefit from the excellent reputation of Penn State's teacher education programs. Graduates with strong academic backgrounds, outstanding practicum experience, and determination have been successful in securing positions, such as:

  • Public or Private School Teacher (PreK-4)
  • Military Child Care Teacher
  • Community Child Care Center Teacher with career ladder opportunities as Director
  • Head Start Teacher with career ladder opportunities as Manager
  • Community Support Service Agencies serving young children and families

This program specifies entrance criteria and requires 45 credits of directed general education study to begin the lifelong inquiry into subject area knowledge, followed by professional course work and various field experiences including student teaching.

For more information, see Penn State's College of Education, Elementary and Early Childhood program.