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Engineering DegreeThe Division of Science and Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science in General Engineering with the Multidisciplinary Engineering Design option. The Multidisciplinary Engineering Design (MDE) degree incorporates advanced course work in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and engineering design to produce innovative engineers specializing in systems design and integration. The MDE degree is delivered by a Penn State consortium composed of the Penn State Abington College, Penn State Brandywine campus, and the School of Graduate Professional Studies at Penn State Great Valley campus.


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The first two years of foundational engineering coursework will be offered at the Abington College where the students will study engineering design with an emphasis on robotics.


The second two years of advanced engineering coursework will be taken at the new engineering laboratories at the School of Graduate Professional Studies at Penn State Great Valley. In addition to rigorous engineering, mathematics and physics coursework, the engineering students are strongly encouraged to participate in undergraduate research projects in engineering and robotics, the activities of the Abington College Engineering Club, local industry internships, and engineering opportunities abroad.


The MDE program develops technical and problem-solving skills, written and oral communication skills, teamwork and leadership skills, all of which culminate in a two-semester senior design engineering project, and a compulsory internship in the engineering industry.


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Dr. Ann Schmiedekamp
Dr. Ann Schmiedekamp
Division Head, Science & Engineering

The MDE degree prepares Penn State students for exciting careers in product engineering, process engineering, manufacturing, research and development, materials engineering, and graduate school.


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