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Students with an interest in writing and literature find that the English major provides highly marketable skills in critical thinking, writing, reading, and in analyzing and synthesizing texts. Faculty expertise runs the literary gamut from Milton to Morrison, which provides students with diverse course offerings and opportunities for independent work.

Our English degree students often complement their coursework with writing-focused internships at area publications or media outlets or with minors in related areas such as Communication Arts & Sciences, History, American Studies, Business, or Psychology. A new option to enhance the English degree is the Technical and Business Writing Certificate, which credentials students for writing in scientific environments or for the web.

Employers value English majors' skills in analysis and careful writing, hiring them to write corporate newsletters, create and edit public relations materials, and maintain web copy. These skills also help our students succeed in law school and other graduate programs.

Dr. Karen Weekes
Program Chair, English

Roy Robson, Ph.D.
Division Head, Arts and Humanities
119 Sutherland