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All In diversity

Binh Le

“I love my mother’s metaphor of hands. She said if all our fingers have the same length and width, our hands would be less attractive, less functional, nor could we harness the hands’ fullest strength. Similarly, if all people share the same racial characteristics, hold the same beliefs, the world would certainly not be an interesting place." — Binh Le, Associate Librarian

All In diversity inclusion

Fran Pahlevani

“Diversity embodies celebrating how we are different. Inclusion embraces our diversity by bringing our unique skills together as one powerful resource. Inclusion creates a respectful, nonjudgmental environment of involvement, connection, and collaboration where different perspectives allow teams to excel in innovative ways. Penn State strives to be a global community.” — Fran Pahlevani, Associate Professor of Mathematics

All In diversity

Rosa Chism

“What inspires me to be ‘All In’ at Penn State is my strong commitment with my students. When I stand in front of the class, I think not only about the subject I’m teaching, but also my responsibility to show the importance of creating a safe, open, welcoming environment in order to become successful global citizens.” Rosa Maria Tamayo Chism, Senior Lecturer, Spanish 

All In diversity

Paula Smith

“The ‘All In’ initiative encourages each of us to consistently find ways to bring diverse and underrepresented voices to the forefront, and to foster respectful dialogue and inquiry that leads to equitable and inclusive campus communities.” —  Paula M. Smith, Associate Librarian  

All In diversity

Robin Burgess

“Diversity represents an opportunity to learn. We are all so unique, and our differences make us even more beautiful and valuable to those around us. Inclusion represents hope for a day when labels are obsolete, and we are all just people.” — Robin M. Burgess, Office of Continuing Education

All In Diversity

Ashish Baby

“In my opinion, being from a different background should not affect whether we can be one big Penn State family. Diversity is what makes Penn State unique and one big cultural melting pot. Here at Penn State, diversity is never rejected but accepted with open hands. WE ARE!” Ashish Baby, senior

All In Diversity

Diana Cristancho

“Before I attended school here, I never knew how much I would enjoy getting to know my peers and how much I would appreciate its diversity. As Michel de Montaigne said, ‘There were never in the world two opinions alike, any more than two hairs or two grains. Their most universal quality is diversity.’ ” Diana Cristancho, sophomore 

All In diversity

Ahmad Alhaddad

“Diversity is the foundation of American development. My favorite entrepreneur is Steve Jobs, whose biological father was a Syrian who immigrated to the United States. A great nation doesn’t throw people out of the country but accepts everyone to help improve the quality of everyone’s life. This is what will make America great again.” Ahmad Alhaddad, senior