Jacob Benfield, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology
Woodland, 236g, 215-881-7528

Educational Background

Ph.D. Colorado State University, Applied Social Psychology, 2008
M.S. Colorado State University, Applied Social Psychology, 2006
B.S. Colorado State University, Psychology and Sociology, 2003

Teaching interests/courses taught

Psych 221: Introduction to Social Psychology
Psych 301W: Basic Research Methods in Psychology
Psych 407: Advanced Research Methods in Psychology
Psych 424: Applied Social Psychology

Research interests and innovations

Social-Environmental Psychology, natural and anthropogenic soundscapes, the role of privacy, territoriality, and/or noise on interpersonal relations, museum visitor studies and evaluation, Borderline Personality features and social behavior

Selected publications list

Benfield, J.A., Rainbolt, G.A., Bell, P.A., & Donovan, G. (in press). Classrooms with nature views: Evidence of differing student perceptions and behaviors. Environment and Behavior.

Benfield, J.A., Taff, B.D., Newman, P., & Smyth, J. (in press). Natural sound facilitates mood recovery from stress. Ecopsychology.

Benfield, J.A., Nurse, G., Jakubowski, R., Gibson, A., Taft, D., Newman, P., et al. (2014). Testing noise in the field: A brief measure of individual noise sensitivity. Environment and Behavior, 46(3), 353-372.

‡Gillmor, K., Bernstein, M. J. & Benfield, J. A. (2014). Have you no shame? Infrahumanization of promiscuous sexual assault victims as moderated by dispositional and situational Just World orientation. The Journal of Student Research, 3(1), 34-45.

‡Standish, A., Benfield, J.A., Bernstein, M.J., & Tragesser, S.L. (2014). Characteristics of borderline personality disorder and disgust sensitivity. The Psychological Record, 1-9.

Bernstein, M.J., & Benfield, J.A. (2013). Our current past influences our present relationships: Rejection sensitivity is differentially predicted by Past-Positive and Negative Time perspectives. The Psychological Record, 63, 615-628.

Bell, P.A., Romano, P.A., Benfield, J.A., Mace, B.L., Nurse, G.A., & Greene, T.C. (2012). Classroom exercises and demonstrations on human and natural environment impact. Ecopsychology, 4(2), 148-157.

Nurse, G., Benfield, J.A., & Loomis, R.J. (2012). Self-report behavior mapping as a tool for gallery movement evaluation. Visitor Studies, 15(2), 203-216.

Rainbolt, G.N., Benfield, J.A., & Bell, P.A. (2012). The influence of anthropogenic sound in historical parks: Implications for park management. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 30(4), 53-65.

Tragesser, S.L., & Benfield, J.A. (2012). Borderline Personality Disorder features and mate retention tactics. Journal of Personality Disorders, 26(3), 334-344.

Nurse, G., Benfield, J.A., & Bell, P.A. (2011). New implications for wildlife loss evaluation: The role of subjective predictors. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 16(2), 87-99.

Benfield, J.A., Bell, P.A., Troup, L.J., & Soderstrom, N.C. (2010). Does anthropogenic noise in national parks impair memory? Environment and Behavior, 42(5), 693-706.

Benfield, J.A., Bell, P.A., Troup, L.J., & Soderstrom, N.C. (2010). Aesthetic and affective effects of vocal and traffic noise on natural landscape assessment. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 30, 103-111.

Benfield, J. A., Jakubowski, R. D., Szlemko, W. J., Loomis, R. J., Winchester, J. & Pickering, R. (2008). An ‘honest visionary’ and ‘dishonest scallywag’: Blending fact, opinion, and interest into a front end evaluation. Visitor Studies, 11(1), 55-72.

Szlemko, W.J., Benfield, J.A., Bell, P.A., Deffenbacher, J.L., & Troup, L.J. (2008). Territorial markings as a predictor of driver aggression and road rage. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 38(6), 1664-1688.

Benfield, J.A., Szlemko, W.J., & Bell, P.A. (2007). Driver personality and anthropomorphic attributions of vehicle personality relate to reported aggressive driving tendencies. Personality and Individual Differences, 42(2), 249-258.

Benfield, J.A., & Szlemko, W.J. (2006). Internet based data collection: Promises and realities. Journal of Research Practice, 2(2), Article D1.


‡Indicates a student co-authored paper

Selected awards, grants, patents, and other honors

“Soundscape-induced psychology and biobehavioral stress recovery.” Organization: Social Science Research Institute, Research Collaborative Fellowship (2014), Role: PI, Amount: $10,000.

Outstanding Teacher Award for Tenure Line Faculty, Penn State University-Abington     2014

ACURA Research Competition Finalist (Cassidy Depaul), Penn State University-Abington     2013

ACURA Research Competition Winner (Laurie Raboy), Penn State University-Abington     2012

2011-2012 Public Scholar Award, Penn State University-Abington     2011-2012

ACURA Research Competition Winner (Brian Bonner), Penn State University-Abington     2011