Rehabilitation and Human Services

Rehabilitation and Human Services

The RHS major trains students interested in improving quality of life for persons impacted by disabilities. RHS professionals work with a variety of people across the lifespan who experience problems in psychosocial, physical, mental, educational, vocational, and recreational aspects of their lives.

Examples of client groups RHS professionals work with include people with mental, cognitive, developmental, addiction, sensory, and/or physical disabilities and chronic illness; people experiencing violence; people living in poverty; and people who are homeless.

Student Profile: Dominic


Dominic - Student Profile

Image: Penn State

“When I woke up from the coma, I had been accepted to Penn State to begin my degree in Electrical Engineering at Abington”

Dominic eventually withdrew from Penn State after realizing electrical engineering was not his passion, and began working as an aide at a rehabilitation center. Having found his career path, he re-enrolled at Abington and changed his major to Rehabilitation & Human Services. He will graduate from Abington this spring while working as an activities director at a nursing home in Philadelphia.

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