Bringing History to Life

An Abington student unearthed a soldier's unread Civil War diary while interning at a local museum. Her historical detective work shed new light on life during a pivotal time in America, and her findings are available to the public.
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American Studies

American Studies

At its most basic level, American Studies focuses on one question: What does it mean to be an American? In order to tackle this question, American Studies students examine the rich  diversity of historical and contemporary cultures of the United States from myriad perspectives.

Students in our American Studies program think critically about "America" by choosing courses from a broad range of disciplines, such as History, Criminal Justice, Art, English, Philosophy, Anthropology, Music, African American Studies, Sociology, and others. If you are interested in questions about American society and culture that do not fit neatly within the boundaries of a single discipline, you may want to consider the American Studies program.

Students will acquire skills that are essential in a wide variety of professions. They will become effective critical thinkers, develop excellent research and written communication skills, and acquire the ability to evaluate and understand different perspectives and interpretations. The American Studies program also fosters multicultural and multinational awareness and understanding.  One goal of the program is for its students to become responsible members, and leaders, of an increasingly diverse and globalized American community. See Entrance to Majors requirements.

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