Campus Directory - Faculty

Name Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Abigail O. Akande, Ph.D., CRC
Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation & Human Services , RHS
Cloverly, 209
Charles Archer, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor, English
Sutherland, 221B 215-881-7527
Dolores Rafter Arévalo, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor, Global Education & Engagement, and DISSA
Director, Global Programs & International Student Services
Conference Center, Room 10 215-881-7541
Andrew August, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Professor of History, History
Modern Britain, European History
Sutherland, 115 215-881-7863
Robert Avanzato, M.S.
Associate Professor of Engineering, Engineering
Rydal, 202 215-881-7358
Friederike Baer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History, Program Chair, History
US History, Public History, American Studies
Sutherland, 406 215-881-7593
Pronobesh Banerjee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Marketing, Business
Rydal Executive Plaza, 312 267-633-3318
Stewart Barbera
Sutherland, 324 215-881-7546
Jacob Benfield, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology, Psychological & Social Sciences
Woodland, 236g 215-881-7528
Eric Benshetler
Lecturer in Business
Sutherland, 307
Michael J. Bernstein, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology, Psychological & Social Sciences
Program Chair of Psychological and Social Science (PSS)
Director of Abington Laboratory for Innovation in Teaching and Education (ALITE)
Woodland, 236j 215-881-7479
Marcus Besser, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Engineering, Engineering
Rydal, 202 215-881-7357
Andrei Blinkouski, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor, Physics
Woodland, 317 215-881-7471
Steven Bloomer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology, Biology
Rydal, 207 215-881-7474
Rabbi Howard I. Bogot
Lecturer in Jewish Studies
Sutherland, 307b 215-917-6960
John Boland
Woodland, 330 215-881-7476
Mary Bongarzone
Chris Bonner
Assistant Teaching Professor, Art
Leland Bowie
Lecturer of History, History
Sutherland, 212 215-881-7523
Kristine Braaten, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor, Statistics
Woodland, 335 215-881-7530