Explore the creative possibilities of an art degree while combining traditional and contemporary approaches to creating art. Develop imaginative, expressive, aesthetic, and critical thinking skills through course, studio, exhibition, publication, research, and collaborative opportunities, while also providing a background in art history and a broad liberal arts education.

Areas of Concentration

The Art major at Penn State Abington offers six areas of concentration:

  • Drawing & Painting is dedicated to an interdisciplinary, multimedia approach that embraces painting, drawing, installation, and computer-generated image making.
  • Printmaking is work in: etching, engraving, block printing, book making.
  • Sculpture includes classes on the figure as well as work in: wood, metal, molding, casting, carving.
  • Ceramics welcomes both functional and sculptural approaches to the art form,  with work in: pottery, clay, wheel throwing, hand building.
  • New Media is visual art crafted with digital tools with work in: physical computing, fabrication, design, web, graphic, interactive, 3D modeling, animation.
  • Photography combines chemical darkroom and digital imaging techniques with a wide range of camera exploration.

You also can combine the Art curriculum with a minor to enrich your program and give you flexibility in career choices.

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Art faculty's 'Berlin Story' graphic narrative explores Nazi horrors

Abington Emily Steinberg

Emily Steinberg, lecturer in art, Penn State Abington

Image: Penn State

“Stories that have happened to me along
 the way have shaped my being.”

-Emily Steinberg

The graphic narrative may seem like an unconventional format to explore the savagery of Nazi Germany, but melding text, sketches and reality makes perfect sense to Emily Steinberg.

Read the full story.

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