The Division of Science and Engineering offers three different B.S. degrees in Biology.

Biology with the General Biology Option is a degree for students with varied interests in many areas of biology. Students take upper level courses in a variety of disciplines within biology to achieve a broad knowledge base. This popular option prepares students for many different careers in diverse areas of biology.

Biology with the Genetics and Developmental Biology Option is a degree that is specialized for training students for exciting careers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Students learn about the latest advances in a variety of relevant areas of biology, including cell and molecular biology, genetics, developmental biology and biochemistry.

Biology with the Vertebrate Physiology Option is appropriate for students interested in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, medical research, and graduate study in the biological sciences. These students focus on the study of physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, neurobiology, endocrinology, developmental biology, histology, immunology, genetics, and cell biology.

The Biology major is designed to-

  • Impart basic knowledge of the fundamental concepts in molecular, cellular, organismal, and population biology
  • Develop proficiency in laboratory techniques of biological investigations, and in both oral and written scientific communication
  • Instill an appreciation for the unity, diversity, and complexity of living systems
  • Use observation, experimentation, and deductive reasoning in the application of the scientific method

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