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Why choose the multidisciplinary engineering (MDE) option? Alumni and employers say students graduate with hands-on experience integrating engineering disciplines with an emphasis on design systems, engineering, and robotics.
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Penn State developed the bachelor of engineering degree with the multidisciplinary engineering design (MDE) option in response to the evolving needs of companies in the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond.

The curriculum offers a firm grounding in engineering fundamentals, embraces multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary education, and integrates component solutions into a systems perspective.

Lockheed Martin Vice President of Engineering and Technology Dan Heller left a room full of Abington students with solid career advice from 31 years with the company.

The major incorporates advanced coursework in electrical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and engineering design to produce innovative engineers specializing in systems design and integration. See recommended coursework by semester.

In developing the bachelor of engineering degree with the multidisciplinary engineering design (MDE) option, Penn State has drawn upon its strengths as one of the premier institutions in engineering education and research.

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Flying high with Masataka Okutsu

Penn State Abington engineering faculty Okutsu

Masataka Okutsu, assistant professor of engineering, Penn State Abington

Image: Regina Broscius

"He has designed multiple gravity-assist trajectories for NASA’s mission studies"

Dr. Masataka Okutsu conducts research in astrodynamics and space mission design for NASA. His work has even been covered by the national and the international media, including MSNBC and the BBC.

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Faculty developing echolocation device to assist the visually impaired


Yi Yang

Image: Penn State

“I focus on helping students apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills.”

Dr. Yi Yang explains why he chose to teach at Penn State Abington, and talks about research projects that are being worked on through ACURA (Abington College Undergraduate Research Activities) students.

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Creating an Engineering Machine

Engineering Club president Ellie Seber comments on the experience of an out-of-the-classroom team project which took them to a University Park competition.