Bringing History to Life

An Abington student unearthed a soldier's unread Civil War diary while interning at a local museum. Her historical detective work shed new light on life during a pivotal time in America, and her findings are available to the public.
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What do History students at Penn State Abington do?


History Major image

History Major image

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We ask questions and find answers about the near and distant past in the U.S., Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  By engaging with our faculty and our fellow students, we develop our ideas and our opinions and learn to express them convincingly. Through our Public History program, we become experts in presenting history to the public. Learn More

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We work as historians in internships and research projects.  We build museum exhibits.  We analyze ancient documents.  We discover new insights into our past. Learn More

Prepare for Careers


We develop sought-after skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, speaking, writing, and research.  These skills are what employers in businesses, non-profits, and government want most.  They also prepare our students for graduate school in history, law, library sciences, education and more. Learn More

Why study here?

Penn State Abington history students take advantage of distinctive opportunities including:

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