Honors Program

Honors Program

The Penn State Abington Honors Program fosters a community of outstanding students and committed faculty and staff. Entering first-year students are invited to participate in the program based on significant academic achievement and potential. Faculty and staff work to provide a rich and challenging academic experience with perks and privileges that reflect students' honors status. To remain in good standing in the program students must:

  • participate in honors courses
  • maintain strong grade point averages
  • participate in research, international study or leadership activities

The Schreyer Honors College is a university-wide honors program enrolling students of exceptional ability. Its mission:

  • achieving academic excellence
  • building a global perspective
  • creating leadership and civic engagement.

The core experiences of Schreyer scholars at Abington include honors coursework and an undergraduate thesis, a major piece of original research or creative activity. Schreyer also encourages and supports international study.