Frances Veale Ph.D. CRC, LPCA

Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation & Human Services, RHS
Office Phone: +1 215 881 7974

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Courses Taught

Trauma Informed Care Assessments 
Trauma Informed Care in an Applied Setting 
Counseling Methods
Appraisals and Assessments
Career Counseling 
Human Growth Development  
Practicum in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Supervision
Internship I Clinical Mental Health Counseling Supervision
Internship II Clinical Mental Health Counseling Supervision 
Crisis Intervention 
Community Resources and Services Delivery
Introduction to Substance Abuse 
Alcohol, Tobacco, and, Other Drug Treatment
Vocational Rehabilitation Process
Medical Aspect of Disability
Children & Family in Rehabilitation Settings and Human Service
Client Assessment in Rehabilitation and Human Services

Selected Awards, Grants, Other Honors

College of Education Exceptional Graduate Student (The University of Iowa)

Long Term Training / Rehabilitation Service Administration Scholar (The University of Iowa).

Rehabilitation Counseling and Behavioral Addiction Scholar (North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University).

Long Term Training / Rehabilitation Services Administration Scholar: North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. 


I am a rehabilitation and counselor educator with a research focus on the rehabilitation of offenders within the United State correctional system. I am especially interested in the rehabilitation of offenders and their ability to reenter, reintegrate, and desistance from crime post incarceration. Specifically, my research is concentrated in the area of post incarceration and mental health among African American male offenders returning to society after incarceration. 

My dissertation research addressed the reentry, reintegration, and desistance process and how ecological interactions of personal and social factors contributed to the successful completion of parole/post-release among African American male offenders.

My current research focus, seeks to address Post-Incarceration Syndrome (PICS) among African American males and the impact it has upon their ability to readjust and fully reintegrate back into society. I am also seeking to understand how PICS impacts the offender’s support system (family, friend, employer, etc.). 

I am a certified Rehabilitation Counselor and a Licensed Professional Therapist Associate (NC). I have over 17 years of working in the human service field in multiple capacities. I have a strong passion for improving the rehabilitation and rehabilitation programs for offenders with physical, mental, psychosocial, emotional and civil disabilities.