Personal Care Home Administrator Testimonials

Personal Care Home Administrator Testimonials

"I would like to state that the Personal Care Home Administrator’s course at Penn State Abington is beyond wonderful! I am currently Director of Nursing for a Personal Care Home and because of the program, a Personal Care Home Administrator! I learned so much from this program. This program allowed me to keep my normal schedule and be able to still attend school. The program offered so much information, in an easy way to learn. All of the instructors were so knowledgeable and it was great to have a diverse group of students to offer stories from their own experiences. We were all able to work together as a team in the learning process. I would definitely recommend this program to many people! Because of this program, I have become very knowledgeable and confident in the career I am in! Thank you so much Penn State Abington!"

Jasmine Thomas

"The Personal Care Home Administrator Training Program at Penn State Abington was very well organized and very informative.  As a Business Director without a large care background, I can say I learned a lot from both the instructors and their experiences and my colleagues in the class.   In sharing experiences with other attendees in the Administrator Orientation  class in Harrisburg, I can assure you the program was of higher quality and better organized than other programs in the region offering the class.  I thoroughly enjoyed the program and will gladly recommend it to my peers!  Thanks, Theresa on a job well done!  Our state inspection was two days after completion of the program!!  A final touch to the training process".

Annette Echanis

"I had a fantastic experience taking the PCHA program at Penn State Abington. The course was well put together and presented, and thoroughly prepared me for the exam. The PCHA program has helped me to become more well-rounded in my current position in Long Term Healthcare."

- Dana Guyton

"The PCHA program was not only a source of vast information and education,  it also played a tremendous role in helping me identify the best suitable sector for me as an Administrator."

- Daniel Samai

"The training I received from the Abington Penn State Campus was extremely beneficial to me. I was able to instantly help our facility with our records. When the State came out we had no violations with our residents charts. The training was done by an all pro cast of people with tons of experience who were able to address our many questions. Well worth the time!"

- Dave Pace

"The PCHA Training was great! It truly sensitized me to the needs of physically and mentally challenged elderly patients who are in need of care. Personal Care Services has given a very needy and poor service population hope. The PSU PCHA Training has instilled 'hope' and 'compassion' in its trainees as we go out and serve our patients. Thank you for the wonderful training experience."

- Gary Hall

"I enjoyed my time attending Penn State. Aside from the amount of knowledge we gained and the wonderful people I’ve met, the most important aspect of any educational course is how the instructor interacts with its students. You were the best instructor I have ever had. You brought major encouragement when I didn’t believe in myself, you took your time out to learn and build a trusting relationship with us individually and most important, you showed nothing but care and compassion to us, which then motivated us to put our best foot forward and become successful stars. In closing, I absolutely appreciate your ability to understand, listen and guide us in the right direction…keep up the good work."

- Davon Lockett

“I gained a lot from Penn State, Abington – Personal Care Home Administrator [P.C.H.A.] Program/Training.  The program requirements were very do-able with my schedule.  The experience of attending the program was very rewarding.  The curriculum was thorough and will certainly prepare anyone to operate his or her own personal care home.  Thank you Penn State, Abington for the empowering experience.”

- Kimberly Byrd

"I appreciated how the wealth of information received in this course was presented by local experts in each of their fields. The instructors were knowledgeable, approachable and easily accessible. Many of the classes required intense interaction amongst the students, and I was pleasantly surprised by the tight bonds we had formed in only 3 months. Not only will students be adequately prepared for their PCHA License Exam, they will walk away with amazing resources and contacts that will be of great assistance in their careers."

- Kristen Sommerhalter

"Thank you for an awesome experience. Your program was so well run, structured, fun, informative and truly committed to giving the learner all that is needed to be a successful PCH Administrator.   I am using what I learned everyday in my new job."

- Myra Edwards RN BSN

"I was very pleased with the training.  The training is very successful in preparing one to become a Personal Care Home Administrator. I also appreciate the well organization of the program compared to another trainings I've attended."

- Mikole Rivera

"The program, opened my eyes to a lot new ideas in Long Term care. The total experience was well worth the time."

- Rex Barr