What is an Endowment?

What is an Endowment?

Endowed gifts are vital to the long-term performance of this campus. We continue to build our endowment, and thanks to donors like you we have made significant strides. Today, over 150 of our students are receiving much needed financial aid in the form of endowed awards.

Importantly, endowed scholarships give the donor the opportunity to establish guidelines for how funds from their endowment will be used, thus ensuring that their area interests benefit from their contributions. Endowed scholarships and awards continue to generate funds for deserving students in perpetuity as well as increase in value over time. They also allow the donor or other interested parties to continue to donate to the endowment, thereby ensuring that awards keep pace with inflation and tuition increases over time.

Examples of endowed gifts:

Awards $20,000

Award endowments allow donors to recognize the extraordinary achievements of Penn State students and encourage new levels of academic excellence.

Program Support $25,000

Through program endowments, donors can support activities as diverse as literacy outreach, undergraduate research, study abroad, and public broadcasting.

Undergraduate Scholarship $50,000

This type of endowment offers donors the opportunity to shape a scholarship that expresses their passions and values by indicating multiple criteria for recipients: rewarding student leaders or academic achievers from a particular community, for example, or supporting students in a preferred major who also share other aspects of the donor’s background.

Trustee Scholarship $100,000

The Trustee Matching Scholarship Program offers our alumni and friends an opportunity to become partners with Penn State in meeting the financial need of our undergraduates. This groundbreaking philanthropic model uses University funds to match 5 of the original endowment value every year in perpetuity. With some restrictions, donors may target their Trustee Scholarships to the student population with whom they feel the deepest connection by indicating a single preference category such as geographic region, academic major, or involvement in a particular activity.

Visit the Trustee Matching Scholarship Program section of this website for more information on this scholarship program.

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