Campus Directory

Name Email Role Office Location
Andrei Blinkouski, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Physics
Woodland, 317, 215-881-7471
Theresa Bloom
Education Program Manager, Continuing Education
1600 Woodland Road, Rydal Executive Plaza room 306, 215-881-7402
Steven Bloomer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
Woodland, 228, 215-881-7474
Rabbi Howard I. Bogot
Lecturer in Jewish Studies
Sutherland, 307b, 215-917-6960
John Boland
Woodland, 330, 215-881-7476
Sarah Bollinger Armentrout
Academic Adviser, Lecturer of English
Sutherland, 224B, 215-881-7502
Jennifer Bona
Transfer Admissions Counselor, Enrollment Management
Sutherland, 215-881-7345
Mary Bongarzone
Chris Bonner
Lecturer, Ceramics
Deanna Bosley
Education Program Manager, Continuing Education
Rydal Executive Plaza, 309, 215-881-7339
Dan Boutin
Associate Professor of Rehab & Human Services
Cloverly, 209, 215-881-7915
Leland Bowie
Lecturer of History
Sutherland, 212, 215-881-7523
Janel Bowles- Dia
Learning Center Coordinator
Sutherland, 315
Kristine Braaten, Ph.D.
Lecturer Statistics
Woodland, 335, 215-881-7530
Beth Bradley
Associate Director, Student Affairs
Lares, 209, 215-881-7510
Keith Brandon
Assistant Athletic Director
Event Management and Academic Retention, Athletics
Athletic Building, 215-881-7312
Ellen Murray Brennan, M.A.
Senior Lecturer in Communication and Arts & Sciences
Sutherland, 313, 215-881-7581
Deb Bressler
Administrative Assistant, Continuing Education
Rydal Executive Plaza, 308A, 215-881-7396
Kate Brice
Coordinator of Student Life Programs, Student Affairs
Lares Building, 208, 215-881-7926
Ross Brinkert, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Corporate Communication
Sutherland, 414, 215-881-7579