Keynote speaker fall 2016 graduation

Congratulations, Class of 2016!

It's an emotional time for the Penn State Abington community as new graduates leap ahead exploring careers and graduate schools and new adventures.

By: Regina Broscius
Almost 400 new Penn State Abington graduates take on the world!

Meet the Class of 2016 ... artists, activists, scholars, athletes, scientists, and business people who made the Penn State Abington community a better place, and no doubt will do the same in the world. Keynote speaker Thom Collins urged them to use their work — no matter if it is accounting or art — to improve society.

Humans of Penn State Abington

Nikita Arnett, Psychological & Social Sciences

"My greatest accomplishment? That hasn't happened yet. I have a plan for greatness. I just want to change the world, pretty much, in a big way. 'I was here,' as Beyonce says."  — Nikita Arnett

Image: Maria Narodetsky
Fall 2016 graduate

Mary Roche, History

"My wish is for no parent to ever have to hear a precious child has cancer. My wish is for families to spend holidays, special occasions, and vacations together, and not in a hospital. They should never have to live in fear of a holiday being their child’s last." — Mary Roche, 2015 THON dancer, Disney College Program intern

Fall 2016 commencement

Chris Trinh Jr., Business

"Can't believe I am graduating from the college that I always dreamed of going to. I have met so many incredible people during my college journey. I know these friendships will last a lifetime. Remember, the things we do in life will always end up touching others." — Chris Trinh Jr.

Image: Jim Hopf
Fall 2016 commencement

Valerie Santangelo, Science

“This trip was an excellent balance of education, sightseeing, and being immersed in Spanish culture. This trip opened my eyes to how people around the world live every day so differently without us even thinking about it. It has given me an entire new perspective and appreciation on how our world connects as a whole." — Valerie Santangelo, student athlete who enrolled in a course that included a one-week immersion in Spain


Commencement Fall 2016 Abington

Christopher Matase, Psychological & Social Sciences

"I learned a lot of the fundamentals of research and research methods in my classes. Using those skills, I was able to fully grasp the projects that we completed during my time at the National Constitution Center. In addition, I presented my Schreyer Honors College thesis at the Eastern Psychological Association conferences in Philadelphia and in New York City." — Christopher Matase, intern at the National Constitution Center and Schreyer Honors Scholar



Image: Pam Brobst