Debate and Public Speaking Workshop

Debate and Public Speaking Workshop

An informed and confident speaker has power and influence.  If you want people to take your ideas seriously, you must first master the art of "persuasive speaking."  Learn how to alleviate anxiety and say goodbye to "stage fright" in this workshop that combines the flare of public speaking with the tact of debate.  This workshop will give you the opportunity to develop basic public speaking skills. Over the course of the week, we shall examine qualities of great public speakers and focus on writing and presenting great speeches for a variety of situations so that you can speak up and speak out with confidence.

This workshop focuses on:

  • Cultivating skills needed for public speaking such as pronunciation, rhetoric, and pace
  • Building confidence
  • Examining qualities of what makes speakers and speeches effective
  • Writing and presenting original speeches or presentations
  • Learning how to make the most persuasive arguments, as well as be able to effectively see and argue both sides of any subject or topic

Camp Details

July 30 - August 3, 2018

Mon- Fri, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Grade Level: Entering Grades 8-12

Camp Fee and Registration

Early Registration before midnight April 11, 2018 – Fee:  $315

Registration after April 11, 2018 – Fee:  $325

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Jon Hunt

This is Jon’s 11th year working at Penn State Abington’s Summer Camps.  He graduated from La Salle University in 2004 and got his M.A. in English from Villanova in 2009.  Jon currently works at Abington Senior High School, wrapping up his 14th year of teaching 11th grade English.  In his spare time, he loves to run, bike, and write.  Fun Fact: Jon’s built 8 schools in such countries as Nicaragua, Haiti, Mali, and Senegal.