For Visiting Students

For Visiting Students

Reasons why summer is the choice for you:

  • Take classes that you couldn't fit in during fall and spring semesters
  • Catch up on a class you dropped this year.
  • Catch up on missed requirements or incomplete credits
  • Focus on a challenging class
  • Save time, save money by getting back on track


View our interactive summer schedule & see current course enrollments.

Once there you should do the following:

On the lower left side of the page Under Term , select Summer 2017
Under Campus, select Abington (OZ)
Under Course Subject you will see a pull-down menu listing course subject areas for the summer, select your subject
You don’t have to select course number, leave that as all courses
You can run this search over again for other subject areas

1.  Review our spreadsheet that gives you a list of our complete summer schedule of courses to see which course or courses you wish to take this summer and check that the course you wish to take is still open.  

2.  Make sure your college/university will approve the course (You can for any syllabi you need)

3. Fill out the nondegree registration form.   

4.  Send the forms in to our office - Registration opens February 2 and many classes fill quickly, so send in your forms as soon as you can!  However, registration is ongoing right up until the start of class, so it isn't too late to register!

5.  We will send a bill to your home address.   Payment can be calculated from the registration form or from our tuition website information.

6.  Here is a link to the things you need to do before class starts.

7.  At the end of your course(s) you will need to contact the registrar's office to request that a transcript be sent to your college/university.  Request a transcript.   

Hybrid and Online Courses

We also offer many hybrid or completely online courses over the summer - courses that fit your lifestyle and schedule.  You will see the word hybrid or online when you review our complete course list.