The Advising Center

The Advising Center

The advising center is staffed by professional advisers. Our advisers work primarily with students enrolled in the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) who are exploring major options, provisional students, non-degree students, and students who plan to transition to other University programs and campuses. Our advisers work with many of our incoming first-year students as part of our New Student Orientation program. They also work closely with our admissions office to facilitate the advising and registration of many of our incoming transfer students.

Advisers serve as your Academic Guides.

We will help you:

  •  Navigate Penn State’s academic policies, procedures, and deadlines
  •  Examine what majors are the best “fit” for you
  •  Explore resources and opportunities like study abroad and research
  •  Define and achieve your educational goals

It is recommended that students make contact with advisers at least once a semester to:

  •  Decide on courses
  •  Review the accuracy of a degree audit
  •  Check progress towards graduation
  •  Discuss the suitability of other University educational opportunities.