Is Online Right For Me?

Is Online Right For Me?

You looked at the Academic Plan for your major, you reviewed the categories you need on your Degree Audit, and now you have several courses that you think would be appropriate to schedule.

You look at the Schedule Of Courses page and see that a course you want to take has a standard section and a web based version. A web based course has the flexibility that you may want, but is a web based course a good fit?  What are the issues in favor and against taking a web based course? Are there other aspects that you need to consider?

There can be benefits and challenges to online courses. One benefit is that you have the convenience of working on the course at home on your own time which can be great if you have a busy schedule.

However, online courses can be challenging because they require you to work independently and use time management skills to keep on top of assignments. If you are a procrastinator, you may find yourself getting behind and missing assignments.

Before you schedule a web course, take this short Teaching and Learning with Technology Survey. The results may help you decide.