Testing Center

Testing Center

ThTesting Centere Testing Center provides select make up examination times for Abington instructors as well as exam proctoring for World Campus students.

Penn State Abington's Testing Center is located in Room 223 Sutherland.

The lab space uses the latest technology in order provide the most secure testing environment possible. When not used for testing, the lab is managed by the office of Instructional Design as a faculty & staff technology center.

Proctoring Forms: Students who are taking World Campus exams at Abington's Testing Center will NOT need to have their proctoring forms signed. Simply writing "Abington Testing Center" is sufficient information for the World Campus as they already have all of the information about the Abington Testing Center proctors.

The testing center Instructor Form can be found on the Penn State Abington Intranet on the Academic Affairs page (in the right column, "Testing Center Instructor Form").  Please note, your PSU password is required for access.

Please review the Testing Center Instructions and Policies before scheduling and taking your exam.

Questions/Issues, email abingtontesting@psu.edu

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