Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of testing is done here?

The Testing Center is used for classroom testing only. No standardized tests, such as the GREs or GMATs are administered here.

Can I use my driver's license for identification if I don't have my Penn State ID Card with me?

Yes, some ID cards issued by the world campus do not have students photos on them. In the event that you don't have a Penn State ID with a photo included, or if you have not yet recieved your Penn State ID, a driver's license or government issued ID is acceptable.

How do I reschedule an exam?

In order to reschedule, you must contact the testing center...
223 Sutherland Building

Can I use the calculator on the computer's accessory menu, and access my notes stored in an electronic file?

Your instructor will tell you, in advance of the exam, if items such as calculators or notes are allowed to be used during your exam. If your instructor allows these, you must bring them with you. Your exam is the only thing you can access from the lab computer – no outside files or accessories can be used.

How do I get my tests results if the test does not automatically give a score at the end?

You will need to get the scores from your instructor.

Can I use the e-Testing Lab for general computing purposes?

The lab is reserved for testing and faculty staff training only. Student computer labs are located in 347 Woodland and G04 Lares.