Mission, Vision, Identity

Mission, Vision, Identity


Penn State Abington provides an affordable, accessible, and high-impact education resulting in the success of a diverse student body. It is committed to student success through innovative approaches to 21st century public higher education within a world-class research university. Penn State Abington aspires to be a campus where students, regardless of their starting point, discover pathways to graduation and achievement in a life-long quest for learning, service, and fulfillment of personal and collective potential.


Penn State Abington’s vision for the future is a world where students from all socioeconomic, racial and ethnic backgrounds have the opportunity to not only learn, but to excel. It strives to close the earnings gap and improve social mobility for all students through access to high-quality, local four-year post-secondary and master’s education.


Our students find accessible, affordable, high impact education in the liberal arts and sciences, professional fields, and interdisciplinary programs in a beautiful campus at the northern edge of Philadelphia. Innovation, engagement, multiculturalism, and inclusion guide us.

Our faculty and staff are educators—teachers, researchers, advisers, mentors—who facilitate opportunities for growth by being responsive to students’ needs and talents.

We are a welcoming community that prioritizes transformative educational experiences, advances knowledge, and contributes to the common good by serving as a place where individuals meet, connect, learn, and address the challenges of our times. We serve the emerging America and the world.

Penn State Abington Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan will focus on three big ideas to support our vision for the future:

Student Success: High Impact Education

  • Supporting Faculty Development on High Impact Pedagogies
  • Adding Degree Programs
  • Integrating Academic and Student Affairs
  • Reinvigorating the Support Systems for Student Success
  • Expanding Global Education, Study Away, Service Learning and Community Engagement
  • Deepening Undergraduate Research and Faculty/Student Research Collaboration
  • Leveraging Technology for Access, Learning, and Success

A Welcoming Community: Inclusion for All

  • Advancing our Inclusion and Access Efforts
  • Diversifying our Faculty and Staff
  • Collaborating with Community and Corporate Partners
  • Redefining our Cultural, Intellectual, and Arts Programming
  • Providing Leadership Opportunities for Students
  • Leading in Intercultural Education
  • Expand Weekend and Evening Degree Programs
  • Providing Access to Continuing Education

Investments for Transformation: Expanding, Leveraging, and Stewarding our Resources

  • Supporting Faculty Research and its Connection to Excellence in Undergraduate Education
  • Optimizing Technology for Efficient and Effective Operations
  • Advancing Faculty and Staff Professional Development
  • Implementing New Programs that Address Student and Market Demands
  • Leveraging Expertise through Interdisciplinary Initiatives
  • Adding Full Time Faculty Lines
  • Acquiring Space: Academic Building and other venues
  • Ensuring Organizational Effectiveness and Accountability
  • Growing our Financial Aid Budget
  • Generating External Resources through Development, Partnerships, and Grants
  • Ensuring and Advancing Sustainability