Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Student Disability Resources:  Reasonable accommodations are available for students with documented disabilities to provide an equal opportunity to attain the same level of performance or to enjoy benefits that are available to students without disabilities.

Hybrid and Online Courses: Instruction, standards and requirements for developing hybrid and online courses.

Instructional Design:  Assists faculty in the development of hybrid and online course content for academic programs and individual courses, as well as consultation for instructional technology resources inside and outside the classroom, and the Learning Management System (ANGEL).

Instructional Media Services:  Center for teaching and learning that supports classroom technology, and provides training in the use of that technology, including a variety of audio/visual equipment.

Instructional Resources: Provides faculty and student training resources to assist users with ANGEL and Adobe Connect programs.

Learning Center: Tutoring center for math, science, writing and study strategies.

Online tutoring for writing (ALCOT): In person or on-line consultation to brainstorm ideas for papers, develop arguments, incorporate and cite evidence, and address sentence-level issues for all your writing needs.

Testing Center: The center provides select make up examination times for Abington instructors as well as exam proctoring for World Campus students.