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susan stanton

Art with Compassion

An Abington art student combines her craft with a healing practice to empower breast cancer patients.

Tracing the Paths of Ancient Buddhist Healers

A trio of international students mapped the movements and intersections of medical monks and their practices in ancient Asia.
Heading for Dry Dock

All Hands On Deck

The art program at Abington encourages students to consider and respond to their environment by combining traditional and contemporary art practices.
Global feature Japan

Get a New World View This Spring

Students will enhance their learning in specific courses through travel to Scotland, Spain, and Japan during spring break 2018. Find out more about their experiences.
two students at the ACURA Fair

Undergraduate Research at Abington

ACURA provides a yearlong collaboration between faculty and students so they can explore their interests through scientific experimentation, inquiry-based research, or creative works.
RN and Donna O'Neill reading something together

Nurse finds Abington degree a game changer

Nurses say experienced and passionate faculty at Abington inspire them to improve patient care. The hospital where Donna O'Neill works adopted her capstone project into an educational piece for staff throughout the facility.